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    1. Pond Pump
      Utility Eco Pump
      Submersible Pump
      Pond Cleaning Tools
      Fountain Aerator
      Horticultural Biochemical Filter
      Outdoor Air Pump
      Pond Accessories
      Submersible Pump
      Wave Maker
      Aeration Crossflow Wave Generator
      Submersible-air Pump
      Foam Pump
      Protein Skimmer
      Water Chiller
      Air Pump
      Air Compressor
      Aquarium Equipment Accessories
      Desktop Fish Tank
      Fashion Aquarium (Medium)
      Luxury Aquarium (Large)
      Fish Tank Floor Cabinet
      Aquarium Accessories
      Pet Tank
      Pet Supplies
      Pet Smart Fountain
      SLB series variable frequency pump
      DJB series variable frequency pump
      XL series variable frequency pump
      XL series variable frequency pump
      DJ4P series variable frequency pump
      JN4P series variable frequency pump
      JX4P series variable frequency pump
      DCB series variable frequency pump
      SLB series variable frequency pump;


      Natural Life·Natural Enjoyment——BOYU Technology

      Business Promotion
      Brand Advertisement
      Product Installation
      Corporate Promotion Video

      Guangdong Boyu Group Co., Ltd. is a "national high-tech enterprise" dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of various aquarium equipment, garden landscaping equipment and pet supplies. It is an active promoter and leader of the development of the international aquarium industry.

      Brand advertising video
      LS Series Chiller

      Environmental protection, power saving, low noise, stable operation; real-time temperature display and temperature control buttons, simple operation and convenient to use; microcomputer intelligent temperature control system, automatic cooling and heating control, simple interface, intuitive and simple operation; pure titanium heat The exchanger has a compact structure, corrosion resistance and no rust. Suitable for fresh water; vertical heat dissipation system, with high-quality filter material and low-speed large-blade axial flow fan to reduce operating noise.

      Product installation video
      EFU-15000A operation video

      Disassembly-free design, hand-squeezing cleaning mechanism, can squeeze off the dirt in the biochemical cotton, backwashing water flow to remove the dirt, maintenance is more convenient; fully sealed design, can be placed in a lower position than the horizontal; built-in Ultraviolet light can effectively kill algae, viruses and harmful bacteria in the water; built-in a variety of biochemical filter materials, effectively degrade nitrate and phosphate in the water, decompose excess nutrients in the water, and ensure the water is clear.

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